Varoufakis Acts – We Act

"Varoufakis, dem eine künstlerische Grandezza nie abgesprochen werden konnte, biss in seinem Vortrag heftig in die Hand, die ihn füttert und beleidigte gezielt die Veranstalter. Er erklärte die Kunst in Europa für scheintot und griff die Kuratoren an (Nicolaus Schafhausen, Bart De Baere, Defne Ayas) , die ihn nach Moskau eingeladen hatten. Die Musik, die Kunst, sogar das Theater, führte er aus, litten unter der Dominanz des Marktes. Die sich auch darin äussere, dass postmodernistische Kuratoren – wohlverstanden gesponsert aus den Taschen der Grossfinanz (der Sponsor der Biennale ist eine baltische Bank) – Ökonomen als Redner an Kunstanlässe einlüden. Also ihn."


"Art is Personal. We made this Guerrilla Art / Vendetta Performance to question curatorial self-representations, institutional power and hierarchies; extending the established status quo of artistic concept and space."

FILET Magazine | Арт-вендетта на 6th Moscow Biennale

«Искусство – Личное. Мы сделали наш guerilla арт-вендеттa перформанс чтобы поднять вопрос о кураторской саморепрезентации, институционной власти, иерархиях и расширить художественные концепты и пространства."

What´s up with “FUCKi̶s̶m̶ TC“? – Text by Ursula Maria Probst

It looks as though Iv Toshain and Anna Ceeh have always been a step ahead not only because they uncover the hegemonic structures of the art industry and its effects and analyse them but also because the appropriate curatorial practices themselves and use their arti practices to produce a public space for discourse and new audiences.

“Einträchtig zu zweit. Künstlerfreundschaften in der österreichischen Gegenwartskunst” – PARNASS 44/ 03-2015

FUCKi̶s̶m̶ Toshain/ Ceeh- Branding:Re-branding - "Ex Direktor der Kunsthalle Wien Gerald Matt posiert vor Poster mit Kunsthallen Direktor Nicolaus Schafhausen und FXXXi̶s̶m̶ T-Shirt, 2015. / Postkarte/Sticker (ed.250),Guerilla Aktion im öffentlichen Raum -verteilt in der Schleifmühlgasse als Teil von Urban Diary-Charim Galerie, im Rahmen von Destination Wien-Kunsthalle Wien, 2015"

FXXXXi̶s̶m̶ TOSHAIN / CEEH at Center for Contemporary Arts, Minsk / Belarus

"...За скандальнасць гэтым разам адказвае аўстрыйска-расейска-баўгарскі арт-лэйбл FXXXi̶s̶m̶TC. Ягоныя завадатары Anna Ceeh і Iv Toshain абзываюць сябе post-socialist post activist modular perpetual motion machine і працуюць у сфэрах дыскурса і пэрформанса на мяжы поп-культурнай семантыкі, тэорыі мастацтва, актывізма і contemporary art. Яны крытыкуюць усе ідэалёгіі (-ізмы), прапагандуюць мультыгендарны падыход (няма мужчынскага і жаночага мастацтва, ёсць гуд арт і бэд арт) і заклікаюць вызваліць фемінізм з карсэта бінарнасцяў і супрацьпастаўленняў. У свае правакацыйныя вылазкі з арт-прасторы ў рэальнасць яны ўцягнулі Марыну Абрамовіч, VALIE EXPORT, Slava Mogutin, Olaf Nicolai ды іншых зорак сусветнага мастацтва. Наведвальнікі выставы ў Мінску змогуць безнаказана вынесці з залі газеты з маніхвестам і модным постэрам гэных арт-хуліганак і дакументацыяй іхніх бясчынстваў на вуліцах Вены і іншых мястэчак Еўропы."

FXXXi̶s̶m̶ TOSHAIN / CEEH: РИТУАЛ – URBAN DIARY – Vienna Extended – Charim Galerie Wien 23.04.-30.06.

FUCKi̶s̶m̶ Toshain / Ceeh counteract the branding concept of the Kunsthalle, as their emblem logo bears all areas of the Viennese art world, with a counter- branding: Nicolaus Schafhausen (curator and director of Kunsthalle Vienna) is stamped, or at least his portrait poster, which now bear the stamp of FXXXi̶s̶m̶ in an edition of 750 pieces. This gesture is only a part of the FXXX performative installation, questioning curatorial self-representation and power,
It refers to a change in the art field, which in the last 15 years has led to a production division of the curatorial, with their own training courses, institutionalized form, media and discussion forums.

The complex relationship between artistic and curatorial autonomy, questions of power and access to resources, as the practices of marketing and branding, which now both sides- artists and curators concern, must be renegotiated."

URBAN DIARY – Vienna Extended – Charim Events 28.04. – 23.05.15

The complex relationship between artistic and curatorial autonomy, questions of power and access to resources, as the practices of marketing and branding, which now both sides - artists and curators concern, must be renegotiated." Kurt Kladler

FXXXi̶s̶m̶ TC interview on Art Unlimited – Istanbul Turkey! EUREKA curated by Kendell Geers​ at GALERIST. Featuring FXXXi̶s̶m̶, Iv Toshain and Anna Ceeh.

Our interview on Art Unlimited - Istanbul Turkey! EUREKA curated by Kendell Geers​ at GALERIST. Featuring FXXXi̶s̶m̶, Iv Toshain and Anna Ceeh. A big thanks to Eda Berkmen and the fellow artists!

EUREKA Carte Blanche to KENDELL GEERS/ Galerist, Istanbul

Your mind finds inspiration as your body creates, generating works of art that are given limits by your galleries. Your work embodies the limits of your perceptions dictated by moral, spiritual, physical, economic, cultural and political constraints. In the battleground of your body expressing itself as an artist, how would you give expression to an ecstatic state of being that runs naked down the street with the words “Eureka” on your lips ?

The exhibition that I would like to invite you to be part of is conceived as a protest song in which the body is the celebrated.

ARTslant: 15 Curators to Watch in 2015

“Art and curatorship can no longer separate, shock, or polarize but is regaining its subversive power to undermine, destroy, and revolutionize from within.”


Vienna - Vilnius - Zurich - Moscow - Minsk

The guerrilla art performance video, “Attention Economy 2″, a public statement addressed to Kunsthalle Wien, was removed by YouTube on 20th of June ´14, after three weeks online and 5895 views!

The guerrilla art performance video, “Attention Economy 2″, a public statement addressed to Kunsthalle Wien, was removed by YouTube on 20th of June ´14, after three weeks online and 5895 views!

Our guerrilla art performance video “Attention Economy 2" was removed by YouTube! This not about art anymore, it is about freedom of speech.

Wake up!



On May 17, two days after Kunsthalle Wien had opened the exhibition „Attention Economy", we responded with our guerilla performance "Attention Economy 2" a public statement addressed to Kunsthalle Wien, which had exploited our artistic concept.

Exhibition at Vienna Metro Underground

Launching Multiple Label Names – EXHIBITION
May 1 – 31, 2014

Operation Street Credibility by Brigitte Huck (Vienna)

The poster campaign connects established forms of street art with methods gleaned from the design and advertising industry, while, at the same time, following the conventions and rituals of graffiti, as Toshain and Ceeh use spray cans in the same fashion as their colleagues on the hip hop front. In his graffiti eulogy Kool Killer, Jean Baudrillard wrote, “a linguistic ghetto erupts into the city with graffiti, a kind of riot of signs,“ and that these “signs don’t operate on the basis of force, but on the basis of difference.“

“FEMINi̶s̶m̶”, Toshain / Ceeh say, “looks to the border regions of perception, a potential space for emotional and intellectual reflection. We create spaces where content is always present, but not always perceptible. This is about content that reaches beyond representation/abstraction/performance/installation.“

EYES TOWARDS the DOVE. Contemporary Art & Culture, New York and Beyond! (New York): Anna Ceeh and Iv Toshain on FEMINi̶s̶m̶, Vienna

I recently had an email exchange with Vienna based artists Anna Ceeh and Iv Toshain. Working both individually and collectively they are currently in the midst of an art project/campaign titled FEMINi̶s̶m̶. The project requires and utilizes text/slogans from a series of international artists that are then printed and spray-painted with phosphorescent medium. The posters have been pasted around the city in various locations and quantities. Below is our dialogue.

ArtStars* (Toronto/ Berlin): Conceptual Street Art, its Paste-Ups with a Twist

ArtStars_Prayer It’s an unlikely scene for the city of Vienna – posters saying “I cum on FEMINi̶s̶m̶” and “Love sex, hate sexism!”

These glow-in-the-dark florescent posters are not advertising, rather they are part of a public art project by FEMINi̶s̶m̶ Toshain / Ceeh, a pretty badass art label.

ARTCONNECT BERLIN (Berlin): FEMINi̶s̶m̶ in Vienna, by Anne Nicolai

Can you imagine how it would look to have 4,000 glow-in-the-dark posters up? Well, we think it would look pretty awesome! The Vienna-based art label FEMINi̶s̶m̶ Toshain / Ceeh realised this in Vienna’s 23 districts for their public exhibition called ПРЕЙЪР ( = Bulgarian for ‘Prayer’). Read on for a little more information!

Spraying On The Streets Of Vienna by ArtStars* (Toronto/ Berlin)

As part of an exhibition currently on at the Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie, there are now 4,000 glow-in-the-dark sprayed posters up around Vienna’s 23 districts offering ideas around feminism, as created by the Vienna-based art-label FEMINi̶s̶m̶ Toshain / Ceeh.

Co-curated by Iv Toshain and Anna Ceeh, the controversial exhibition includes new works by Marina Abramovic, Linda Bilda, Siggi Hofer and Olaf Nicolai, among others.

LOCAL SUICIDE (Berlin): Poster Party: FEMINi̶s̶m̶: ПРЕЙЪР in Vienna by Nadja Sayej

The FEMINi̶s̶m̶ art label (which works under several names, including XXXXXi̶s̶m̶TC) in Vienna recently opened a citywide exhibition with 4,000 posters pasted up around Vienna’s 23 districts. The message? To redefine feminism. “We think it is old and rigid,” they say. “And we are not feminists.”

Rather, they are FEMINi̶s̶ts.

Fuck Ideologien—Ein Interview mit Anna und Iv, David Bogner, VICE Alps

Eigentlich hatten wir ja vor, in der Überschrift einen halblustigen Witz mit Adam und Eva zu machen, denn erstens klingt Anna und Iv (das wie das englische Eve ausgesprochen wird) so ähnlich, und zweitens möchten die beiden den Geschlechterkampf in der Form, die wir bis jetzt kennen dekonstruieren und die Karten neu mischen. Seit VALIE EXPORT ist hierzulande keiner Künstlerin der Durchbruch dieser weltweit eingezogenen gläsernen Decke gelungen, die auf Werke mit Muschibezug und theoretischem Konzept dahinter besonders sensibel und folglich undruchlässig reagiert. Dass das nicht an dem von Georg Baselitz eingeworfenen Idiotenargument liegt, demnach Frauen „nicht so gut“ malen, ist dem Teil der Menschheit mit zwei tatsächlich funktionierenden Gehirnhälften natürlich klar.
Also haben wir uns vor einigen Wochen mit Anna Ceeh und Iv Toshain getroffen und ein Interview geführt, das uns rein inhaltlich und auch formal etwas überfordert hat. Deshalb haben wir einfach alles niedergeschrieben und dann immer wieder Antwort-Updates erhalten. Oder Richtigstellungen, ganz wie ihr wollt.