Art: Electric pink-lit party pics from БАЙХТЕ

ArtStars* by Nadja Sayej


Bild 24

While most eyes were on Berlin Art Week this weekend, there was another spectacle in Vienna — БАЙХТЕ. There is nothing like some good glow-in-the-dark fun, especially with black-lit phrases with a purpose. In featuring feminist icons like VALIE EXPORT and Carolee Schneemann, the 14 artists in this group show were invited to use spraypaint to write what feminism means to them today. An art project co-founded by Vienna-based artists Iv Toshain and Anna Ceeh, FEMINismTC presents an electric pink-lit space with everyone’s phrase (“Is this good for vulva?” wrote Schneemann). Here are the opening pics from their show at the Charim Events Off-space in Vienna, Austria. You can check out the making of their t-shirts here.