“САКРИЛЕГ”, Charim Galerie, VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary Oct. 9-13.

 FEMINismTCСАКРИЛЕГ  (the name  represents both  a semiotic  sign and  the transcription  of the word “sacrileg” in Cyrillic script ) Anna Ceeh and Iv Toshain display slogans/ messages developped by five international Artists especially for the ideology-critical art project FEMINismTC


Slogans by: Boris Ondreička (SK), Carolee Schneemann (U.S.), KIWA (EE), Slava Mogutin (RU/ U.S.), VALIE EXPORT (AT), Anna Ceeh (RU/ AT), Iv Toshain (BG) . Commitioned by FEMINismTC


exhibition view САКРИЛЕГ normal light

exhibition view САКРИЛЕГ


exhibition view САКРИЛЕГ
UV light









FEMINismTCСАКРИЛЕГ Interactive object (Mirror, black light bulbs, infrared sensor, spray,

invisible UV edding, invisible UV paint, slogans by artists. The slogans are only visible when looking

into the mirror)


© Anna Ceeh/ Iv Toshain, 2013