ARTslant: 15 Curators to Watch in 2015

artslant_15 Curators to Watch in 2015

Curators are stealing the spotlight in the art world—mostly, for a good reason. This year brings an international showcase from a growing cohort of curators who, from Miami to Tel Aviv, have organized exhibitions we can look forward to—including public art and analogue photography.

Ask a curator how they feel about curating and you might get mundane answers about the day-to-day tediums of mothering artists and battles with the internet, but the big picture is ever more exciting. The following curators (or curatorial duos) shared with us thoughts on their craft, demonstrating their passion and vision for what they do. Without further ado, here is the latest crop of curator stars of this year.






Anna Ceeh and Iv Toshain
Artists and curators, co-founders of FUCKi̶s̶m̶TC art label

Upcoming: Anna Ceeh is curating Red. My colour is red, a performance tour on the cutting edge of video art, public interventions, performance, and hip hop from March to April at the NCCA, Moscow, as well as the Skwee Club at the UH Festival in Budapest showing video art, performance, and a Skwee Club mix from September 27 to October 4. Iv Toshain is showing in Vienna for Art’s Sake!, 13 site-specific art interventions at the Winterpalais Prinz Eugen, Belvedere, as well as Galerie GALERIST, curated by Kendel Geers, Istanbul, Turkey and Galerie Charim, Vienna.

A quote on curating: “Art and curatorship can no longer separate, shock, or polarize but is regaining its subversive power to undermine, destroy, and revolutionize from within.”


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