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On the first day of summer, anti-war artists Toshain/ Makowsky/ Ceeh, performed their work at MOTA, ‘Museum on Tour’, Austria. Their performance was titled : МИР : МИРУ : FRIEDE and mirrored the venerable artistic culture contributed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gustav Klimt, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Falco.

Various international artists, ranging from Austria, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, USA, South Africa, and Russia were invited to present a slogan on the topic of “world peace”. Each statement was printed onto T-shirts which could only be viewed with night vision devices. We got in contact with these Viennese Austrian actionists in order to get a commentary on their project.

MOTA – MUSEUM ON TOUR AUSTRIA presents XXXXi̶s̶m̶ Toshain / Makowsky / Ceeh Performance in Vienna

MOTA - Museum On Tour Austria, developed as a hybrid between museum and art work, is showing "МИР - МИРУ - FRIEDE": a performance series at the city public spaces by the art label XXXXi̶s̶m̶ TMC.
Focusing on the ongoing International crises, shifts in religious and political power as well as armed confrontations, the collective has set themselves the goal of sending out a message of peace to the world. The messages are written on T-shirts worn by soldiers and can only be seen with a night-vision device. Experience it - how the moving immaterial art space appears!

FXXXXi̶s̶m̶ TOSHAIN / CEEH at More than SHE, Dotyk, Minsk / Belarus

"Першая спроба пазнаёміць беларусаў з праектам FEMINi̶s̶m̶TC: ПРЕЙЪР скончылася трагічна. На трэці дзень постэры з выказваннямі сусветна вядомых мастакоў былі выдаленыя з выставы Anatomia (у ЦСИ на Някрасава), пасля таго, як дух клясыка сацрэалізма Міхася Савіцкага пачаў чыніць розныя тэхнічныя і псіхічныя перашкоды знаходжанню працаў у ягоным былым лаундж-руме, дзе ён любіў аддавацца медытацыі пасля кантактаў з брутальнымі беларускімі рэаліямі. Ёсць надзея, што з другой спробы наша арт-абшчэсьцьвеннасць зацэніць пасланне замежных зорак у поўным аб’ёме і ў больш спрыяльных варунках...

SAW II, undercover show, Vienna, Dec. 14


"Art is Personal. We made this Guerrilla Art / Vendetta Performance to question curatorial self-representations, institutional power and hierarchies; extending the established status quo of artistic concept and space."

FXXXXi̶s̶m̶ TOSHAIN / CEEH at Center for Contemporary Arts, Minsk / Belarus

"...За скандальнасць гэтым разам адказвае аўстрыйска-расейска-баўгарскі арт-лэйбл FXXXi̶s̶m̶TC. Ягоныя завадатары Anna Ceeh і Iv Toshain абзываюць сябе post-socialist post activist modular perpetual motion machine і працуюць у сфэрах дыскурса і пэрформанса на мяжы поп-культурнай семантыкі, тэорыі мастацтва, актывізма і contemporary art. Яны крытыкуюць усе ідэалёгіі (-ізмы), прапагандуюць мультыгендарны падыход (няма мужчынскага і жаночага мастацтва, ёсць гуд арт і бэд арт) і заклікаюць вызваліць фемінізм з карсэта бінарнасцяў і супрацьпастаўленняў. У свае правакацыйныя вылазкі з арт-прасторы ў рэальнасць яны ўцягнулі Марыну Абрамовіч, VALIE EXPORT, Slava Mogutin, Olaf Nicolai ды іншых зорак сусветнага мастацтва. Наведвальнікі выставы ў Мінску змогуць безнаказана вынесці з залі газеты з маніхвестам і модным постэрам гэных арт-хуліганак і дакументацыяй іхніх бясчынстваў на вуліцах Вены і іншых мястэчак Еўропы."

FXXXi̶s̶m̶ TOSHAIN / CEEH: РИТУАЛ – URBAN DIARY – Vienna Extended – Charim Galerie Wien 23.04.-30.06.

FUCKi̶s̶m̶ Toshain / Ceeh counteract the branding concept of the Kunsthalle, as their emblem logo bears all areas of the Viennese art world, with a counter- branding: Nicolaus Schafhausen (curator and director of Kunsthalle Vienna) is stamped, or at least his portrait poster, which now bear the stamp of FXXXi̶s̶m̶ in an edition of 750 pieces. This gesture is only a part of the FXXX performative installation, questioning curatorial self-representation and power,
It refers to a change in the art field, which in the last 15 years has led to a production division of the curatorial, with their own training courses, institutionalized form, media and discussion forums.

The complex relationship between artistic and curatorial autonomy, questions of power and access to resources, as the practices of marketing and branding, which now both sides- artists and curators concern, must be renegotiated."

RED, MY COLOUR IS RED, April 3 @ National Center for Contemporary Arts Moscow, RU

EUREKA Carte Blanche to KENDELL GEERS/ Galerist, Istanbul

Your mind finds inspiration as your body creates, generating works of art that are given limits by your galleries. Your work embodies the limits of your perceptions dictated by moral, spiritual, physical, economic, cultural and political constraints. In the battleground of your body expressing itself as an artist, how would you give expression to an ecstatic state of being that runs naked down the street with the words “Eureka” on your lips ?

The exhibition that I would like to invite you to be part of is conceived as a protest song in which the body is the celebrated.


„Verblüffender Effekt: Auf dem offenen Dach des Äußeren Burgtors am Heldenplatz, sonst als Ehrenhalle offiziellen Gedenkveranstaltungen vorbehalten, hängen schwarze Tafelbilder, darunter stehen Namen prominenter Künstler wie Lawrence Weiner, Olaf Nicolai oder Gottfried Helnwein. Erst der Gebrauch eines speziellen Teleskops enthüllt die verborgenen Botschaften“...

“TerminARTor”: Wiener Heldenplatz “sieht schwarz” für den Weltfrieden

Verblüffender Effekt: Auf dem offenen Dach des Äußeren Burgtors am Heldenplatz, sonst als Ehrenhalle offiziellen Gedenkveranstaltungen vorbehalten, hängen schwarze Tafelbilder, darunter stehen Namen prominenter Künstler wie Lawrence Weiner, Olaf Nicolai oder Gottfried Helnwein. Erst der Gebrauch eines speziellen Teleskops enthüllt die verborgenen Botschaften.


XXXXi̶s̶m̶TC has been invited by the avantgarde art fair PARKFAIR to develop togheter a radical concept and site specific installation that is tailored to this years specific exhibition space - the Hall of Honor (Ehrenhalle) inside the Outer Castle Gate (Äußeres Burgtor) at Vienna’s Heldenplatz.

The guerrilla art performance video, “Attention Economy 2″, a public statement addressed to Kunsthalle Wien, was removed by YouTube on 20th of June ´14, after three weeks online and 5895 views!

Our guerrilla art performance video “Attention Economy 2" was removed by YouTube! This not about art anymore, it is about freedom of speech.

Wake up!


On May 17, two days after Kunsthalle Wien had opened the exhibition „Attention Economy", we responded with our guerilla performance "Attention Economy 2" a public statement addressed to Kunsthalle Wien, which had exploited our artistic concept.


Publication on the occasion of the FEMINi̶s̶m̶TC: ПРЕЙЪР
public art project in Vienna which ran from March 3 to April 3, 2014.
15. 5. 2014 OPENING: 19:00 – 22:00
+ 50 original Night glowing ПРЕЙЪР Posters for free!

Exhibition at Vienna Metro Underground

Launching Multiple Label Names – EXHIBITION
May 1 – 31, 2014

“ПРЕЙЪР” March 3 till April 3, 2014 PUBLIC ART POSTER PROJECT

For this KÖR Public Art GmbH funded project, Toshain/ Ceeh have invited acclaimed as well as young international artists to create slogans and messages based on their manifest. The artist duo will transform them into four thousand manually coated noctilucent A1-sized posters.

Photo shooting – 55 Limited…

Shirt photo shooting highlighting an interesting conversation between contemporary art and pop culture, activism, self awareness and youthful consumption of design, while reworking the definition of free speech and blurring the lines between commercial and culture law.

SAW I, undercover show, Vienna, Dec. 17

"An undercover location, which has been abandoned and forgotten for a very long time, is occupied and transformed into an underground "battlefield show" only for one night.

“HOT ВИЗИБЛ”/ Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna, Nov. 21

part of S/HE/ IS THE ONE exhibition and Vienna Art Week
Kunstraum Niederösterreich,  Herrengasse 13, Vienna

Curator: Ursula Maria Probst

55 Hand – Sprayed, Activist T- Shirts at “САКРИЛЕГ”, Charim Galerie, VIENNAFAIR Oct. 9-13.

“САКРИЛЕГ”, Charim Galerie, VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary Oct. 9-13.

PARALLEL – VIENNA-2013, Altes telegraphenamt, Vienna Oct. 8 -13